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The success of a Security Token Offering (STO) or of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) project depends on various factors. One of the most important is the legal assessment of the  project.




What is an ICO legal management ?

As you can see there are a lot of regulations for each countries

And every year new regulations appear…


You must be adviced before launching a business based on cryptocurrencies !

The industry of Blockchain seems quite unregulated, but countries are constantly trying to exert more control on then. Recently, for instance, both France and Switzerland organized the previously unregulated ICO market.


In France, the creation of this regime was inserted in the 2019 version of the loi “Pacte-Dutreuil” – a fiscal regime set to facilitate the company and commercial activities survival – articles 26 and following((

This marks the creation of a French regime for token offers and Initial Coin Offerings (or “Initial Token Offering“), i.e. fundraising via a shared recording device (in particular using the so-called “blockchain” technology) via the issuance of digital “tokens”. The special situation for the cryptos regime is especially marked by a fiscally oppressive situation. The French financial authority is also given much larger powers.


In the Helvetic Confederation (the actual name of Switzerland), the ICO is regulated by the FINMA((, the local financial authority. It has recently updated is cryptocurrency and crypto market policies, changing a few elements. This updated has gained little attention for the markets, but undeservingly so.

And don’t forget the KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti Money Laundering) & privacy policies which are very restrictives in this kind of business !

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Starting a cryptocurrency business is not complicated if you are well adviced,  the success of such venture is almost guaranteed considering how you are legaly assisted.



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When dealing with other people’s money it’s crucial to make sure that the STO or ICO project is not breaking any laws every step of the way. With our STO and ICO legal advice we help Blockchain, STOs and ICOs projects avoiding legal issues that can compromise the entire activities.


Eternos Corporation is already working with entrepreneurs and cryptopreneurs to ensure their legal regime protects both their and their clients interests such as CEX helping them to get their FinCEN registration(( and forming their compliance officers.

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