Drafting a contract is always difficult in the new technologies field : you must find a competent and legal expert, accustomed with the technical terms of your field.

At Eternos Corporation, our lawyers and legal experts work with IT professionals : they will understand your technical concerns and be able to adapt. We will write you the best contracts adapted to your requirements.



No more lost lawyers as soon as you get into too technical terms !




For secure and reliable contracts it is important to rely on a competent legal advisor : most require a rigourous form, otherwise voidance and viciation looms.  Others may have full recourse against you under a particular regime or specific case law. Only a legal expert can write you a “concrete” contract adapted and secure.

It is impossible for an individual or a generalist lawyer to draw up a contract that is up to date with the latest laws and regulations : it takes at least 5 years of study to be specialised in a field.




Contract Review




A contract review is when a legal expert carefully reviews the document to make sure that the contract is what you wanted and is also legaly valid.

Since contracts can be lengthy, having a qualified legal expert reviewing your contract may save you from legal issues : no one wants to get in trouble, especially with the law. Don’t get in troubles, in case of any doubts, ask our legal advisor.

Our qualified legal expert can review your contract before you enter into an agreement, saving you time, stress, and money.



Drating all types of business contracts


drating all type of business contracts


We at Eternos Corporation have legal experts in all domains around the world that can make the contract you want!
Here are a few types of business contracts we usually draft:

  • Agreement for website/mobile applications/software development
  • Website operation contract/applications
  • Website/application maintenance contract
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Transfer of intellectual property rights
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Service contract
  • Franchise Agreement




Consult us if any doubts




Negotiating an economical contract can be very complex : generally (and this is normal), the more expensive the contract, the more complex is the contract from a legal point of view. Having a legal expert assisting you from start to finish will safeguard you against any complications, errors, and misunderstandings. A qualified expert will keep your best interests at heart, and prevent any legal issues arising from a standard written and negotiated contract.

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