One of the most common problems of companies is the insufficiency of collection of debts/debts recovery. Infact, 25% of companies bankruptcies are linked to late payments((


So, don’t put your entire business in danger and act as soon as the first delay in payment appears !


Indeed, recovery of debts is a very difficult process that requires time, legal skill, economical resources and may endanger your existing business. Our legal experts will offer you suitables solutions to save both time and money, allow you to focus on your business without any fears.


Only manage your daily activities and business development, don’t care about anything, we work on it !


According to the legal formalism of the applicable law of your cas depending on the concerned countries, it is more or less rigorous: if a mandatory indication is forgotten or incorrectly filled in, the whole procedure is invalidated !

Here is why it is important to give the collection of debts to competent and experienced legal advisors who are familiar with the different national a international laws such as Eternos Corporation.


debt collection around the world

As Eternos Corporation is present throughout Europe, we are able to carry out legal procedures throughout the world : call on us regardless of the countries concerned !



Our experts will perform the necessary steps to identify the legal and economical situation of the debtor, selecting a custom procedure for your case : the best way to collect your debts.
We will also check for other simultaneous attempts of enforcement, here is a (non-exhaustive) list :



  • Amicable settlement

amical settlement


First we will send a legal notice allowing you to get default interest of the debt, regardless of the outcome of the events.

Then we will try a legal mediation, the recovery of the debt will be first tried amicably. We will initiate negotiations, next it will be depending on the receptivity of the debtor, and our communications by email, fax and telephone with him. We will try anything to solve your debt, if an agreement is not reached, we will escalade the case to the next level…



  • Settlement by legal action

legal action debt recovery


We will then take legal actions, including procedures for emergency summon, which is shorter than normal proceedings : protective seizure, summary procedure…


  • Recovery of debts based on bankrupties laws



We will represent you in the procedure under the insolvency laws to recover the debts.

 In case of insolvency law, if your claim meets the legal requirements, we will enhance your claims during the judicial liquidation procedure.



  • Debt recovery under european laws



If you have a claim against a company in the EU or abroad we will assist you in recovering the debt.

As said, Eternos Corporation is present throughout Europe, we are able to carry out legal procedures throughout the world : call on us regardless of the countries concerned!


  • Judicial outcomejudicial outcome

The last and best way to get payed is appealing to the courts :


 Obtaining an enforceable title

 The first step is to get a document that by law, can be put into foreclosure : we will take a court action against the debtor which will give you a court decision, an enforceable title.


– Enforcement of the title

 After obtaining the court decision, the next step is to get a forced execution of the obligation. We will force the execution of the title until the full debt collection !




  • Force the execution of an unexecuted contract

If one of your provider refuses to perform despite a signed contract, the procedure remains the same for unexecuted contracts, only the legal bases differ. In the event of non-performance, we will ask your debtor to pay as much damages as possible for you.



In addition, depending of your case, it is possible to make these assets profitable by receiving your due (the initial debt), the default interest of the debt but also receive a fixed recovery indemnity (contact us)


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