Why Luxembourg? 


Surely opening a company in Luxembourg is not such a strange choice, given that the nation, although small, is one of those in the European Community with the highest rate of economic growth. Before you can proceed with the operations to set up the company, you need to meet certain requirements and be fully familiar with all the rules of the place. The most common companies that are created in the state of Luxembourg are those with limited liability, where shareholders may be from any state in the world, provided at least one is resident within the European Union.

What’s most interesting in Lux.


Eternos Corporation is the partner you need

  • We are independent international private experienced advisors offering high flexibility.
  • We have a professional expertise that supports us as financial & law specialists.
  • We offer multilingual (English, French, Spanish, Italian, and more) attention tailored to each client.
  • 100% discretion and confidentiality guaranteed.
  • We also open OFFSHORE bank accounts for any Luxembourg company.
  • Thanks to our developers, any IT services can be provided in a package offer (website development, SEO, SEA…)
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The place for your future Business

Luxembourg is a global center of attraction for financial companies, hedge funds, holding companies, asset and investment management companies. If you manage a financial management company or an investment fund, Luxembourg is your ideal jurisdiction to locate your company. However, in addition to the financial sector, you can set up a company in Luxembourg to operate locally in a number of different areas: real estate, biomedicine, ICT, aeronautics and space…

After having identified the business sector to be carried out with a Luxembourg company, it may be useful for you to understand which legal forms are best suited to your business project.


To know

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What types of companies you can set up in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg?
What is the procedure for setting up a company in Luxembourg?
What level of taxation exists in Luxembourg?
The advantages of Luxembourg holding companies?

All the information in this guide on how to set up a company in Luxembourg is the result of our practical experience.

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Our experts

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“It may seems self-evident, but the best way to avoir any problem
in banking & corporate law is prepare an answer to every question .”


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Mr. Fabregue has worked all over Europe, and acquired a deep knowledge of Corporate Finance. With his M. Ius. and MBA, he clearly has a complete vision of corporate problems, and will be able to help for any problem.

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“I’ve always been passionate about web and software development. So I followed development trainings in order to acquire a certain autonomy in this field. My childhood dream being to become a legal advisor, I managed to combine the two domains.”


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Mr. Sztandarowski has a unique story. Known in the world of the fight against cybercrime he supervised the IT infrastructure of Eternos Corporation while practicing as a legal advisor.
he will help you to structure your legal strategies using the latest digital technologies.


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We can help you with any kind of problems you may have with your future company in Luxembourg!
We set up companies, we make registrations, we draw up by laws, fill administrative form, and help you with any legal requirement.
Our company is a registrated agent in Luxembourg so we can help you register your company and observe all the legal requirements. We can help you with all the procedures related to company formation in Luxembourg. 
If you are a foreign investor in the country, our partner lawyers in Luxembourg can help you loan office at a prestigious business address and help you with the company formation in Luxembourg process.

Eternos Corporation is an official luxembourgese LuxTrust accredited company. As such, we are allowed to register companies, association on your behalf, as official luxembourgese agents.

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Without any doubt, no matter how complex and varied the Luxembourg legal system may be, it allows you to benefit from rather favorable tax conditions for the conduct of your business: an interesting example of this is offered by the very holding companies.


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