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Krasnogorsk District
143441, Moscow, Russia
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Business Intelligence

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Having a good web reputation ( ereputation ) is important for both for individuals and for companies : digital reputation inevitably affects your business and stature. Let’s see how to build it, how to maintain it and how to avoid mistakes in its management. Just a few years ago, the Internet was very different. Companies were not attractive customers but only sold to a passive audience; people could not …


Ten years ago, there was no way to protect oneself from Internet defamation or online competitors, but also to make people forget their past. Today, at EternosCorp, we can do it, and everywhere in the world. Almost everything has changed today: based on national and European law, such as the LCEN law, the RGPD, as well as the directives on electronic evidence or the 2016/680 regulation, we have the …


ICO are hard : the first problem is the lack of knowledge related to this type of investment. Unlike the earlier days of ICOs, when launching an ICO with some basic preparation was all you needed, the ICO market has matured. There are some informal standards in place and a successful ICO must adhere to all of them. The success of a Security Token Offering (STO) or of an …


Protect My Copyright – protect everything from illegal download ! The end of the share of any work ! Eternos Corporation presents to you ProtectMyCopyright   The first legaltech using A.I. technology to automatically search your copyrighted content on the internet and delete it ! Protect any of your work from share & illegal download In Eternos Corporation, digital, internet and law technicians have worked together for several months …

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Business analytics is about value creation. Whether through greater efficiency or greater effectiveness, better decisions reduce costs, reveal opportunity, and improve the allocation of resources . Providing  valuable business analytics  help organizations create value in a sustainable and scalable way. Working with shared strategic resource is an excellent way to drive best practices and create more value, making the case for treating data as a strategic asset and investing …


Excessive workloads can negatively affect both your  and your employees’ health, productivity and morale. As a manager and a business, it’s your duty to plan things ahead and distribute the workload optimally in order to reduce the burden on your staff. A 2018 American survey by Flexjobs, 73 percent of respondents said that work-life balance is more important than salary when assessing job opportunities. A little more than 28 …

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